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Who controls Putin's body doubles?

          Why does Russian president Vladimir Putin need body doubles? Almost everyone  will give you a standard answer - “for safety.” And no one even remembers where he’ve heard such assumption before. Russians do remember Boris Yeltsin had few body doubles, and Putin has them too, but no one raises the alarm. It is a huge deception, indeed. Human’s mind protects itself from such a big lie and blocks further thinking process toward this topic.
But if the president has body doubles, who masters them?
            Earlier in history, body doubles were used for safety. Joseph Stalin – one of the bright examples. He trembled for his life and personally selected  body doubles to safeguard his live. One of his body doubles was the USSR People's Artist Felix Dadaev. Prior to 1996, all of the information about him was classified. Later, his picture was revealed. He looked exactly like Stalin!

        Nowadays, body doubles are used for complete replacement of the real president.
            Today, they participate in public events and make public statements in the names of "original" presidents! Body doubles had replaced Boris Yeltsin, and are replacing Vladimir Putin today. Just imagine, people elected a president, entrusted him their country, and he is being replaced with another person who looks exactly like the original president.  Moreover, president is being replaced for good, not just for one public event like parade. And this “new” president signs all documents, schedules meetings with ministers, and publicly  wishes a Happy New Year to the whole country.
            The question naturally suggests itself: who replaces body doubles of presidents? Who tells them what to do? Common people prefer not even think about it. But it means puppeteers stay in shadow because they are sure people will never support their candidacies openly. They might be foreigners, bandits and traitors. Our destinies are in hands of those, whom we did not even elect.
            What did puppeteers do to make people ignore this topic? Well, they used an Overton Window technology. The Overton window is a concept in political theory, named after its originator, Joseph P. Overton. It describes a “window” in the range of public reactions to ideas in public discourse, in a spectrum of all possible options on a particular issue. At any given moment the “window” includes a range of discourse acceptable in the current climate of public opinion, with “acceptable” defined as something people can recommend without being considered too “extreme” or outside the mainstream to gain or keep public support.
            When the window moves or expands, it means that ideas previously not considered publicly acceptable have become so, and possibly that ideas previously considered acceptable are no longer.
            In 90s,  mass media manipulated people’s opinion, suggesting a thought that president might have body doubles. They  were showing movies about presidents’ body doubles, conducting President’s doubles competitions, publishing articles, interviews, books on this topic. People absorbed this information and now believe that body doubles are being used for safety of the president. For example, when Yeltsin was delegating his authority to Putin, the following TV programs and newspaper articles were issued:
•        the RTR channel showed the movie Dave. Where president goes into a coma, an affable temp agency owner with an uncanny resemblance, is put in his place.
•        Moskovskiy Komsomolets daily newspaper issued an article saying it is a common practice among special services to have body doubles of presidents.
•        Same MK newspaper announced the competition "I am the president!": “MK is looking for those, looking like Vladimir Putin. Send your pictures to this  address…. Doubles will take part in special TV program on the day of  MK holiday. ”
•        Western movies, showing how heroes  had been making  plastic surgeries and changing names:  “Return to Eden", "The Bourne Identity", "Face".
•        Famous Soviet movie “Claw me and I'll claw thee”, where one twin brother replaced another at work, and no one noticed.
•        The book of M. Bakonina "The school of body doubles." 30, 000 copies of the book were printed.

           This topic is being constantly discussed and finally people become immune to it and it does not touch  anyone anymore.

            Let’ stake a look at historical facts. FIRST Russian president – Boris Yeltsin, ssurvived a heart attack in the fall of 1996. May be he  did not survive? He came back to work only in 1997 and already looked different. He seemingly became younger and lost weight.

They say, he had all fingers on his left hand, unlike previous Yeltsin. But such pictures can’t be found. But there is a picture where fourth  and middle fingers on the left hand of  “new” Yeltsin are of one length. Middle finger of “original” Yeltsin was shorter.
          Now, let’s compare  dates. New Yeltsin appeared in Kremlin in 1997. Same year, arising from obscurity, Mr. Putin had a meteoric career rise. On March 26, 1997, Yeltsin appointed Putin deputy chief of Presidential Staff. In one year, Putin became Kremlin’s most influential person. In summer 1998, he became a chief of Federal Security Service (FSB), and in May 1999 Yeltsin decided to transfer his powers to Vladimir Putin.

            Possibly, Yeltsin body double’s role was to prepare a successor, because real Yeltsin had died. Puppeteers understood it would be much harder to put into power their protege by mean of democratic elections. Meanwhile, title of successor increases a prestige of any person many times. Moreover, they found a man (Putin) who could meet the requirements of Russian people at that moment. All country fall in love with young, well built, smart and smiling Vladimir Putin, especially after  inappropriate antics of aged Yeltsin.  This greatest scam turned out to be successful.

            Today, Putin is a Russian president. It is generally assumed that he  has restored the country after Yeltsin devastation and  granted people the "stability". Apparently, someone appreciates stable poverty and misery, (that is a kind of stability we have in Russia)... but it’s not the main point. Presidents are being appointed and changed by same group of puppeteers. During Yeltsin they had reached one goal, during Putin – another. Now they began to replace Putin with his numerous body doubles.
Take a look at the Putin’s pictures of different years. Forehead wrinkles differ. Man’s pattern of forehead wrinkles does not change over time. Here, in one case,  we see a tick, in other  - a waive.

Such differences can’t be explained with aging,  even if we assume  “original” Putin made a plastic surgery.
Wrinkles around eyes have different form. Sometimes it is deep triangle , sometimes – an arc. Also, on some pictures there are visual diagonal wrinkles-lines.
You can notice different manner in the same hand gesture.
His earlobes are not the same on different pictures.
If real Putin was replaced, then it explains why we do not see his family. His wife (now ex) and children just don’t want to live with a stranger – body double of their father and husband. Moreover, they might unwittingly reveal this secret. So, it would be better to keep them away.
            In order to avoid using of body doubles, a compulsory  procedure of identification of president Yeltsin should have been carried out. During inauguration security services must  conduct dactyloscopy  and iris recognition of president openly,  during the live broadcast. This information, real samples must be kept in order to insure the identity of the president in future ,and as a guaranty of people’s choice. But still, who will preserve it?   Same puppeteers, who can easily replace fingerprints.
They can’t even assume people might decide to identify their president. People are taken for fools. We must divulge this grandiose lie. Russians need to conduct a roll-call voting and elect a people’s president.
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