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Look what i found two days ago at official site of CNN. They posted it and in about 20 minutes is was deleted and never posted back again. Thank god i made a printscreen. It's just my habbit. Read what was on the CNN. How can it be true? Or we realy don't know what is going on in Russia?

NBC: Revolt in Russia: Russians want a woman to be the next president! What is it – common sense or new stove-pipping?

Under presidency of Vladimir Putin Russia has become a scourge of civilized World. But population of Russia, which strongly supports acting president according to official public opinion polls, has also had heavy times. Small and medium-sized businesses have been strangled with taxes, actual salaries and pensions declined, utility prices increased dramatically. And those are only a small part of troubles. Population have been explained, that all the misfortunes were caused by sanctions imposed by the USA and the EU. But patience of community was lost when officials advised those with low income not to eat or to wait for summer and eat grass.

Discontent has grown in Russia. Discontent and understanding of fatality of Putin's ruling for the country: Hunger and war are looming ahead the nation. Disappointment with acting power was topped with disillusionment with opposition. Alexey Navalny, Putin critic, former embodiment of anti-corruption activism, was exposed as a fraud and money launderer. Mikhail Khodorkovsky, seemed sufferer of the regime, turned out to be a hypocritical assurgent. Having analized the work of President Putin for the last decade russians have come to the obvious conclusion that he puts forward a policy of destroying Russia and Mass Media just show us nothing else but well-planned theatrical show.

The death of real Putin and numerous doubles of Putin (sometimes seen in different places simultaneously) became subject for discussion in Russian media, photo-evidences seem quite reliable. International internet is full of articles like “Putin is Dead, A Double Will Fill in For Him».German newspaper Die Welt published a sensational interview with the former First Lady of Russia LyudmilaPutin. She told the world that her husband has long been dead. If real Putin is dead, his regime being utterly unpopular, and no opposition leader has gained national support – what future awaits for Russia?

Russia is a country which can be good example to the rest of the world. All countries are sorely in need of real leaders out of common people, not the olidarсhs or puppets of the world government. Nowadays Russians realized that almost 100% of the politicians represent the interests of the world elite, passing laws which make oligarchs richer and richer while the greater part of the population is growing poorer and more rightless.

All of a sudden Russians turned to have choosen their next president. As they say it's «an honest and brave leader appearing. This is the outstanding Russian woman- Svetlana Lada-Rus» — Russians call her a new Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. More than 12 years she have been exprloring the political reality of Russia, thundering down deciets, numerous election frauds and antinational reforms of the present government of Russia. She claims: «Having analized the work of President Putin for the last decade we have come to the obvious conclusion that he puts forward a policy of destroying Russia and Mass Media just show us nothing else but well-planned theatrical show».

It's brought to light now that local present administrations do their best to hide from the citizens of Russia the name of the woman who is telling the truth. Ordinary people can't see her on TV or read her articles in newspapers. Mass media refuse to run counter to the official orders not to publish anything about her. The authorities also widely use black PR technologies to make people doubt in Svetlana's mental abilities and psychic health. More than that her life is under threat. She is being persecuted by the police and agents of the FSB (Russian intelligence service).

But through it all more and more Russians resist mass brainwashing and become Svetlana's followers and her opinion allies. They believe that the new kind of society, open elections excepting any falsifications, and nationalization of strategic objects which became private by fraud (officially called “privatization”) are possible in Russia and all over the world.

It begs a questions: «What will now thresh in Russia – politicians of the world elite or common sense?»

SO! What do you think is it?

What Russian political figures do you know or heard of?

Probably the list is not so wide. The most famous are Vadimir Putin (of cause!) the Russian president, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs and may be  Russian oppositional “leader” Alexey Navalny.

What do you hear about Russia today? Probably one would say: “It's ok now. It's now getting up off its knees”. Vladimir Putin staged Russia's biggest ever Victory Day military parade on the Red Square as he displayed the country's formidable armaments in a show of strength directed at the West.  His regime was marked by economic growth and a consumer boom in exchange for a crackdown on individual freedoms and an expanded role for the state in politics and the economy.  Russia is now claimed THE SUPERPOWER. Democracy is established in the country. Opposition is now allowed to take place. Alexey Navalny holds thousand strong rallies. Putin and Navalny are always on news. BUT! As the British would say - All is not gold that glitters.

What you know about them is what mainstreamed media wants you to know. What is beyond pompous reportages?

Let's make a short excursus to the history. Russia won the World War II, but the USA and Great Britain did not give up. They could not let socialism spread all over the world. Because if other countries found out how good it is, they would all want to have it! And top banker families were risking to loose control over resources and territories.  So the Central Intelligence Agency  succeeded in planting a moles in the top echelons of the Soviet Union. Their plan was to destroy socialism and USSR from the inside.
President and Secretary of State James A. Baker III : “We have spent trillions and trillions of dollars over the last 40 years in winning the Cold War. The main thing, there were traitors.”
Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences Igor Panarin said: "The main role in the collapse of the USSR played Gorbachev. He was brought to power by foreigners.”

In 1993, Boris Yeltsin organized a bloody coup and coordinated his actions with Bill Clinton and Helmut Kohl (Chancellor of Germany from 1982 to 1998). After it, Yeltsin delegated his authority to Vladimir Putin. We are put in colonial dependence on the West by our presidents. Central bank of the Russian Federation owns the exclusive right to print rubles, manage our gold and foreign currency reserves, issue a decree obligatory for execution by president and the government of the Russian Federation. It is not an organ of a state power. Central Bank is private, and we don’t know its owner. He does not subordinate to the President and not liable for the obligations of Russia. The so-called "Bank of Russia" is a privately owned organization, apparently, by a certain gentlemen from the Wall Street. Russia is virtually devoid of sovereignty. Since 1992, the IMF give instructions to our government and the president on how to manage a budget, what laws to adopt. Putin signed an agreement on accession of Russia to the WTO, which will finally result in complete destruction of the national economy, agriculture, industry, small and medium businesses. As the veteran of the Main Intelligence Directorate of Russia Ilia Parinov claimed, Putin is a project of western special services. Putin is also a god friend of Henry Kissinger.
Every educated man, reading about Navalny and his activities on political field would smell a rat. “In 2010 Navalny won the right to participate in the Yale World Fellows Program (a program run by Yale University that seeks to build a network of emerging global leaders).  Winners are eligible for a stipend of $32,500. By some remarkable circumstance, Yale overlooked the implicit demand of the program that all participants should speak English fluently!” Do you think United States gives anything to anyone free of charge?
At Yale, Navalny studied with the following revolutionaries as Fares Mabrouk (An activist of the Tunisian revolution, who received an oil rig as a gift), Lumumba Di-Aping (a revolution activist in the Sudan), May Tony Akl (Lebanon), Azizullah Royesh (Afghanistan). The most popular tags when you google their names are revolution  and democracy.   He admitted he wanted to play out a Tunisian scenario in Russia. As we all know, colored revolutions  is a hobby of the CIA. Confrontation of Putin and Navalny  is just a show. They obviously have the same master.

Mass media would never let us into the conspiracy. BUT! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

Russia has a political movement, which is not ruled by the Kremlin. It is a Russian political party the VOLYA and its leader Svetlana Lada-Rus (Peunova). She has been truly struggling for constitutional rights in Russia for years, and knows by experience what political repression is. You probably did not hear anything about her. Russian media is tightly controlled and  pro-governmental, and Svetlana Peunova is an unwanted for government person. She is a candidate of psychological sciences  and the  author of a unique method of social stress resistance and drug-free recovery of health (http://eng.peunova.ru/method.html) . Thousands of people have practiced this Method and received fantastic results! It turned out when you get rid of a habit to take offense, feel anger, be lazy and  selfish, you body and soul is being healed. When you correct your character, ideology you change your destiny to the better. Her method helps to restore families, give a birth to healthy children, establish good relations in business sphere.  Moral and ethic, a true inner motive  of a person is a key to the Method of Svetlana Peunova. And of cause she live the way she teaches people to live – she sincerely cares about others.
Svetlana Peunova realized that most of thepeople's problems are caused by mental blocks and crisis of morality of the whole society. Just think about Government officials.  Are they good, decent and honest people? Not at all! Svetlana Peunova says that the world is ruled by absolutely immoral people  who only care about their own wealth and despise others. And common people are liable for it, because they let it be this way. They don't resist oppression. People due to their apathy, laziness and fear allowed injustice.

Svetlana Peunova calls everyone to change this situation. We all should start fixing our characters, upholding justice and stop being fear of officials and  police. People must put honest leaders to power.

Svetlana Lada-Rus is a very brave person, she is not afraid of scoundrels and never plays their rules.
She is a victim of harsh propaganda, and being an object of slander. She is been called insane for her life views in order to turn people's attention away from her.
She filed several statements the Federal security service of Russia, to the Investigation Committee and to the State Duma listing the exact facts  that are to be evaluated by general public. These statements are : statement of the presence of signs of a high treason in the actions of Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Medvedev and Anatily Serdyukov (an former defense minister of Russia); statement of violent change of the constitutional system in Russia from democratic to totalitarian-authoritarian; statement of sabotage and criminal negligence in agriculture, housing and industry; statement of investigation of involvement of special forces in preparing terrorist acts in Russia.

Svetlana Lada-Rus gave publicity to shocking facts of her own investigation of tragic events in Russian town of Krymsk where thousand of people died because of a furious flood that overwhelmed residents in their sleep in 2012. The population received no warning of the impending disaster, while all officials knew about it and left the city beforehand, leaving people to die. She revealed the truth of what really happened in Beslan,when terrorists stormed a school . A lot of children died. She visited Maidan in Ukraine and disclosed scandalous facts   (ссылка на фильм). In all this events she fined a trace of Russian special services.
As a conclusion of their own analysis of the events she has publicly declared that the Russian leadership acts in the interests of foreign countries, but not Russian people. She also concluded that very possibly real Putin is no longer alive and since 2004 he was replaced with body doubles – puppets of foreign masters.
08 July 2014 @ 04:13 pm
          Why does Russian president Vladimir Putin need body doubles? Almost everyone  will give you a standard answer - “for safety.” And no one even remembers where he’ve heard such assumption before. Russians do remember Boris Yeltsin had few body doubles, and Putin has them too, but no one raises the alarm. It is a huge deception, indeed. Human’s mind protects itself from such a big lie and blocks further thinking process toward this topic.
But if the president has body doubles, who masters them?
            Earlier in history, body doubles were used for safety. Joseph Stalin – one of the bright examples. He trembled for his life and personally selected  body doubles to safeguard his live. One of his body doubles was the USSR People's Artist Felix Dadaev. Prior to 1996, all of the information about him was classified. Later, his picture was revealed. He looked exactly like Stalin!

        Nowadays, body doubles are used for complete replacement of the real president.
            Today, they participate in public events and make public statements in the names of "original" presidents! Body doubles had replaced Boris Yeltsin, and are replacing Vladimir Putin today. Just imagine, people elected a president, entrusted him their country, and he is being replaced with another person who looks exactly like the original president.  Moreover, president is being replaced for good, not just for one public event like parade. And this “new” president signs all documents, schedules meetings with ministers, and publicly  wishes a Happy New Year to the whole country.
            The question naturally suggests itself: who replaces body doubles of presidents? Who tells them what to do? Common people prefer not even think about it. But it means puppeteers stay in shadow because they are sure people will never support their candidacies openly. They might be foreigners, bandits and traitors. Our destinies are in hands of those, whom we did not even elect.
            What did puppeteers do to make people ignore this topic? Well, they used an Overton Window technology. The Overton window is a concept in political theory, named after its originator, Joseph P. Overton. It describes a “window” in the range of public reactions to ideas in public discourse, in a spectrum of all possible options on a particular issue. At any given moment the “window” includes a range of discourse acceptable in the current climate of public opinion, with “acceptable” defined as something people can recommend without being considered too “extreme” or outside the mainstream to gain or keep public support.
            When the window moves or expands, it means that ideas previously not considered publicly acceptable have become so, and possibly that ideas previously considered acceptable are no longer.
            In 90s,  mass media manipulated people’s opinion, suggesting a thought that president might have body doubles. They  were showing movies about presidents’ body doubles, conducting President’s doubles competitions, publishing articles, interviews, books on this topic. People absorbed this information and now believe that body doubles are being used for safety of the president. For example, when Yeltsin was delegating his authority to Putin, the following TV programs and newspaper articles were issued:
•        the RTR channel showed the movie Dave. Where president goes into a coma, an affable temp agency owner with an uncanny resemblance, is put in his place.
•        Moskovskiy Komsomolets daily newspaper issued an article saying it is a common practice among special services to have body doubles of presidents.
•        Same MK newspaper announced the competition "I am the president!": “MK is looking for those, looking like Vladimir Putin. Send your pictures to this  address…. Doubles will take part in special TV program on the day of  MK holiday. ”
•        Western movies, showing how heroes  had been making  plastic surgeries and changing names:  “Return to Eden", "The Bourne Identity", "Face".
•        Famous Soviet movie “Claw me and I'll claw thee”, where one twin brother replaced another at work, and no one noticed.
•        The book of M. Bakonina "The school of body doubles." 30, 000 copies of the book were printed.

           This topic is being constantly discussed and finally people become immune to it and it does not touch  anyone anymore.

            Let’ stake a look at historical facts. FIRST Russian president – Boris Yeltsin, ssurvived a heart attack in the fall of 1996. May be he  did not survive? He came back to work only in 1997 and already looked different. He seemingly became younger and lost weight.

They say, he had all fingers on his left hand, unlike previous Yeltsin. But such pictures can’t be found. But there is a picture where fourth  and middle fingers on the left hand of  “new” Yeltsin are of one length. Middle finger of “original” Yeltsin was shorter.
          Now, let’s compare  dates. New Yeltsin appeared in Kremlin in 1997. Same year, arising from obscurity, Mr. Putin had a meteoric career rise. On March 26, 1997, Yeltsin appointed Putin deputy chief of Presidential Staff. In one year, Putin became Kremlin’s most influential person. In summer 1998, he became a chief of Federal Security Service (FSB), and in May 1999 Yeltsin decided to transfer his powers to Vladimir Putin.

            Possibly, Yeltsin body double’s role was to prepare a successor, because real Yeltsin had died. Puppeteers understood it would be much harder to put into power their protege by mean of democratic elections. Meanwhile, title of successor increases a prestige of any person many times. Moreover, they found a man (Putin) who could meet the requirements of Russian people at that moment. All country fall in love with young, well built, smart and smiling Vladimir Putin, especially after  inappropriate antics of aged Yeltsin.  This greatest scam turned out to be successful.

            Today, Putin is a Russian president. It is generally assumed that he  has restored the country after Yeltsin devastation and  granted people the "stability". Apparently, someone appreciates stable poverty and misery, (that is a kind of stability we have in Russia)... but it’s not the main point. Presidents are being appointed and changed by same group of puppeteers. During Yeltsin they had reached one goal, during Putin – another. Now they began to replace Putin with his numerous body doubles.
Take a look at the Putin’s pictures of different years. Forehead wrinkles differ. Man’s pattern of forehead wrinkles does not change over time. Here, in one case,  we see a tick, in other  - a waive.

Such differences can’t be explained with aging,  even if we assume  “original” Putin made a plastic surgery.
Wrinkles around eyes have different form. Sometimes it is deep triangle , sometimes – an arc. Also, on some pictures there are visual diagonal wrinkles-lines.
You can notice different manner in the same hand gesture.
His earlobes are not the same on different pictures.
If real Putin was replaced, then it explains why we do not see his family. His wife (now ex) and children just don’t want to live with a stranger – body double of their father and husband. Moreover, they might unwittingly reveal this secret. So, it would be better to keep them away.
            In order to avoid using of body doubles, a compulsory  procedure of identification of president Yeltsin should have been carried out. During inauguration security services must  conduct dactyloscopy  and iris recognition of president openly,  during the live broadcast. This information, real samples must be kept in order to insure the identity of the president in future ,and as a guaranty of people’s choice. But still, who will preserve it?   Same puppeteers, who can easily replace fingerprints.
They can’t even assume people might decide to identify their president. People are taken for fools. We must divulge this grandiose lie. Russians need to conduct a roll-call voting and elect a people’s president.
20 July 2013 @ 09:21 pm
18 reasons not to trust Navalny
News about conviction of Alexei Navaly, an alleged opposition leader, who became famous in result of conducting investigations into the corruption in Russia, flooded Internet.  Reading all different accounts I am being shocked how easily people fall under the brainwashing! Let me clarify my position, I am not favoring current Russian system, neither I trust this alleged opposition.

In this question, I’d rather support the opinion of the popular Russian political party the VOLYA and its leader Svetlana Peunova, who has been truly struggling for constitutional rights in Russia for years, and know by experience what political repression is. You probably did not hear anything about it. Russian media is tightly controlled and  pro-governmental, and Svetlana Peunova is an unwanted for government person.   If something truly precious appear on the Russian horizon , everything would be done to conceal it from common people.

So, about Navalny. Every educated man, reading about Navalny and his activities on political field would smell a rat.

  1. “In 2010 Navalny won the right to participate in the Yale World Fellows Program (a program run by Yale University that seeks to build a network of emerging global leaders).  Winners are eligible for a stipend of $32,500. By some remarkable circumstance, Yale overlooked the implicit demand of the program that all participants should speak English fluently!Do you think United States gives anything to anyone free of charge?

  2. At Yale, Navalny studied with the following revolutionaries as Fares Mabrouk (An activist of the Tunisian revolution, who received an oil rig as a gift), Lumumba Di-Aping (a revolution activist in the Sudan), May Tony Akl (Lebanon), Azizullah Royesh (Afghanistan). The most popular tags when you google their names are revolution  and democracy. 

  3. Navalny admits he wants to play out a Tunisian scenario in Russia, “I think that the power in Russia will change not by an election process; they can elect whoever they like in March of 2012, but everything will be finished by April”, and then clarifies – “by something like a Tunis scenario.” Answering the question “Do you expect the wave from the bottom”, he says – “No, I don’t wait for it, I’m organizing it. We don’t know when it will happen, but it’s within our power to bring it closer. The current Russian authorities are thieves and swindlers. We must fight against them, exert pressure on them, create problems for them, and involve more and more people in creating problems. This pressure can be of different kinds – from simple negotiations to mobs on the streets that drag civil servants from their cabinets and hang them. And the faster authorities realize that and start negotiating, the less plausible the violent scenario becomes. I don’t think that any political technologies or twitter can make people come out on the streets and chase away thieves and swindlers, so normal people could take over.”

  4. Navalny urges U.S. to actively intervene in the internal affairs of Russia. He saud he hoped that Americans would continue to invest in Russia, but they needed a lottle more political leverages for protection of investors.

  5. Navalny has never been a fighter against corruption. He just shafted his cometitors. On the West this paractice called greenmail, a "legal" blackmailing. No need to explain this point, just google it.

  6. Navalny, together with Nikita Belykh ruined the prospering enterprise "Kirovles"

  7. Navalny calls everyone who does not do what he wants a "fucking rams"

  8. Navalny has a fake jurist diploma

  9. The foreign media activly promote Navalny as "the only hope of Russia" and "the global thinker". My question who sponsors it?

  10. Navalny, as a "fighter against corruption" have not found any thief, or caught any briber. He did not put to jail any corrupted official. So what kind of fighting is it?

  11. Navalny promote LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) in Russia.

  12. Navalny’s fund-raising efforts for his RosPil project (struggle against corruption) is very suspicious. He decided that the enterprise should be funded by citizens’ donations through the Yandex money system. In 16 days, he managed to collect 4.5 million runlrs (about $150000) of donations, most of them were made on the first day. Not too bad, especially when the institution of charity is very weak in Russia; common Russians have been burned too many times by various scammers, which turns them into misers. Any money can be whitewashed in this way.

  13. He lied about the fact that all meetings during his visit to London were open for everyone.In fact, he held one absolutly closed meeting only for elete.  

  14. Navalny was kicked out of the party "Yabloko" for his nationalist activities

  15. The "RosPil" progect was not effective. It was nothing but another bubble.

  16. United States have a high opinion of Navalny

  17. Navalny and Stanislav Belkovsky (Russian political analyst and communication specialist, said to be very close to exiled Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky) are old friends.

  18. In these latter days, current government was actively involved in helping Navalny. The United  Russia political party, which Navalny labeled as “a party of thieves and swindlers” defiantly granted the missing signatures of the municipal deputies to him. He was sentenced to 5 years in jail on July 18, but temporarily freed by a higher court on July 19 at the request of the prosecution. So, it is not clear whether there is a real conflict between Navalny and the government!

Russia is another target for a color revolution. Joseph Biden made it crystal clear that they intend to intervene in Russian politics. Here are the words of the US ambassador to Moscow, Michael McFaul, : "We are deeply disappointed in the conviction of Navalny and the apparent political motivations in this trial." A spokesperson for the EU's top foreign policy official, Catherine Ashton, added the embezzlement charges were unsubstantiated, and that Navalny's jailing posed "serious questions as to the state of the rule of law in Russia".
  That is how color revolutions start in other countries – first, the West is being disappointed about the situation with democracy in some country (that, accidently, have a big oil and gas fields), then the opposition emerges and begins to fight against government regime. The next step – NATO troops intervene the country. The finale is well known. So, Navalny is a pro-American “messiah” leading protests in Russia. By the way, NATO are allowed to enter Russia on absolutely legal bases along the Partnership for Peace agreement signed by Vladimir Putin in 2007.
  Probably my conclusion would not be shocking, but as many of us know, it is a fight of 2 banking clans for Russian oil reserves –  s and Rockefellers. I am pretty sure, Putin, Medvedev are protégés of Rockefellers, and Russian oligarchs– of Rothschilds. None of them anyhow care about Russian people and prosperity of the country. Their only purpose to launch color revolution in Russia at any cost.
Russians still have a chance to turn this ship to a better future, but only by applying  mass and peaceful means in expressing demands only.  It is time to recall the name of Mahatma Gandhi and his tactics of peaceful disobedience.
Sorry if I hurt
someone's fillings, but this is a harsh reality. 
02 January 2013 @ 06:52 pm

Events occurred trough December 21-23. Pretty impressive, indeed

Vam kuda
  • Bulgaria declared emergency mode due to heavy snowfall. Electricity was off because of the wind gusts and heavy snow.
  • Over 400 thousand citizens of 13 American States stayed without electricity due to abnormally heavy snowfall
  • Heavy snowfall on the south of Europe. Roads are snowbound. Strong flood in England. Airports do not work, traffics are everywhere
  • Sweden's largest nuclear reactor was shutdown because of the seawater leak. It is a forth power plant of "Ringhals" station.
  • Blue and green lights in the sky of Maryland caused panic and power failure. Over 50 thousand people stayed without electricity.
  • Because of the power outage in Nozhai-Yurt District in Chechnya 38 thousand people stayed without electricity  
  • Blizzards hit south-eastern Europe. Inclement weather zone was 500 km!  
  • Snowfalls in China, Turkey, Bulgaria, USA and Canada. Citizens rescue their cars from huge snowdrifts while others are  existed of waiting in airports.
  • Strong storm and snow caused the collapse of the walls of the stadium in Istanbul. As a result, cars parked near the stadium damaged
  • 6.8 magnitude earthquake had  hit  Vanuatu in Pacific ocean. Earthquake epicenter was 63 km (39 miles) South-South-West of Sola.
  • In Eastern Europe and Russia about 200 people have died because of anomalous cold weather
  • Ecuador Tungurahua volcano erupted. Window glasses were rattling even on the distance of 14 km
  • Penza city in Russia: people are witnessing flaws on the ground where they was never registered before. Witnesses acclaim there is no any heating system there
  • Over 250 residents of Tuva city in Russia stayed without heating at - 40◦ C outside because of the shutdown of central boiler.   
  • In Petrozavodsk city in Russia, 3 kindergartens, children's hospital and 105 houses   and totally about 5 thousand people were left without electricity.
  • 5.1 magnitude earthquake had occurred near the Kuril Islands. earthquaking shocks have been recorded at a depth of 117 km.
  • Minsk residences witnessed a rare phenomenon - solar halo.  
  • In Kyrgyzstan, a snowbreak covered  25 choolchildren riding from the mounting on a sledge. Two girls were killed and three children were taken to a hospital.
  • Warming in the Arctic continues to break all records. This caused the severity of the winter freeze in Eurasia and Russia.
  • After heavy</b> rains in Britain, the entire city of Wellington was evacuated.
  • Tornado Alabama torn down roofs from houses.
  • Copahue volcano erupts along Chile-Argentine border. It troughs clouds of gas and ash that reached a height of 1.5 km. 
  • After the earthquake of March 11, 2011 in Japan in the six thousand square kilometers of land are sinking.
  • In Canada, a strong snow storm struck the province of Ontario and Quebec, leaving about 120 thousand  buildings without electricity.
  • In Novosibirsk city, in Russia 7 thousand people stayed without electricity at - 28◦ C
  • 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred 38.53mi N of Claveria, Philippines.
  • Volcano Rokatenda have erupted in Indonesia. Thousands of residents of the Palue Islands in Sikka, East Nusa Tenggara, have reportedly fled from their homes after their roofs and windows were rattled.
  • Beijing temperature may plunge to 30-year low
  • In the Iranian province of West Azerbaijan there two earthquakes</b> with a magnitude of 4.5 and 5.3 have occurred. The epicenter was 11 km from the city of Khvoy with a population of approximately 180,000 people.</b>
  • An 5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred in has occurred in Stavropol Region in Abkhazia.
  • In Russia, in the Chelyabinsk region 14 thousand people, 10 kindergartens, 3 hospitals stayed without heating due to the biggest  breakdown on heating mains.
  • Moscow residents have witnessed a strong solar halo. 
  • Fireball was spotted in the skies over Higashi-Hiroshima in Japan. Perhaps it was a big meteorite entered the atmosphere.
  • Two suns above Saratov city, Russia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGn5RLTk-cY
  • December 24: Britain might sink under water. Islands are flooded by rains, water comes every hour, people are being evacuated.
  • Earthquake of 4.2 magnitude occurred in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Mass death of fish in Australia. Hundreds of species of fish: herring, flounder, blue crabs and eels have been found dead on the beach.
  • The melting of ice in Antarctica threatens flooding the Netherlands, Bangladesh and Tuvalu. temperature  rises two times faster than expected. 
10 August 2012 @ 10:53 pm

  Damascus met us with intensified military patrols. Allas, nobody made any useful conclusions from what happened during last days. Our car as usual wasn't checked. It seems like Russians are beyond any suspicions to the patrols. But after the last huge act of violence one must make deep postflight analysis and special safety measures. On June, 18, western security service gave up one important agent but managed to destroy the top of the Syrian military forces. This was the beginning of the operation «Volcano in Damascus — Earthquake in Syria» which was announced two days before. The dead ex-leader of the Security Council absolutely trusted the agent, who was a Shiite. That gave him opportunity to install three mines in the Ministers' briefing room. Two of them were exploded. The third one was installed in the room's ceiling but fortunately wasn't activated. Unless if it had happened all the military men and their secretaries would have been dead. The operation seems to be planned by the CIA. Almost immediately the explosions were followed by series of attacks at the different objects in Damascus. I should note that at the same time in Russia the main fighter with Wahhabism in Tatarstan, Yakupov, was shot and 30 minutes after it Ildus Faizov, the supreme mufti of Tatarstan, was injured in a car bombing.

Damascus seemed to be left at that time — for four days its people didn't come out of their houses. But today the streets are full of people. Though this morning I was woken up by three serial explosions of sound grenades. This is the way the terrorists are trying to put psychological pressure on the citizens. During the day there were some more explosions but nobody paid attention at them. The suburbs of Damascus are free from the terrorists.

Yesterday they started operation on liberation of Aleppo, the second strategic centre of Syria. Five thousands of the terrorists were sent there from Idlib to meet their death. The government forces have all necessary finance and strength to counteract the terrorists and after they killed the Ministers nobody is going to feel mercy for them. For example this morning in Aleppo in the Al Furkan district terrorists opened fire at the peaceful people from the roof of a building. The police arrived and killed two of the terrorists and two were arrested. They try not to destroy the city and that's why they use another tactics. There is still danger of criminal firing on the road from the airport to the city. But in few days it's going to be safe.

In the western suburb of Homs the police took mobile torture chamber which was made from a refrigerater and where terrorists tortured and killed the Syrians. Four people were killed in it 2 hours before the police came.

Marat Musin, ANNA-NEWS, Syria

10 August 2012 @ 11:35 am

   News from Aleppo and Other Provinces

According to SANA reports tens of fighters from the Free Syrian Army were killed and injured in Aleppo on Saturday. It was reported that the Syrian goverment forces wiped out large number of the terrorists in the Salah Ed-Din district in Aleppo. The others are throwing down arms and running away.

In Sukkari, which is another district of Aleppo, groups of terrorists are partly destroyed and partly taken prisoners. There are still fightings between the goverment forces and the fighters of the Free Syrian Army in the district of Hamdania as SANA reported.

As a person from Aleppo told RIA NEWS on the telephone, the districts where the fighters were wielding and it's Salah Ed-Din in the first place were under strong fire. The terrorists are blocked by the goverment forces in the eastern part of the city and they are trying to get out of the ring but they are met by fire, he said.

In contrast to Aleppo where the Syrian forces are using their dominance in the firepower and as they're aiming at saving people's lives they haven't entered the districts which are controlled by the armed opposition in Damascus yet the army had got under control the Tamadun district in the southern part of the city. For more then 2 hours already the goverment forces have been combing out this district, single shots are heard only in its western part, - told the RIA NEWS Muhaim Falestin, who lives in the district neighbouring to Tamadun.

Tamadun was the only one district left in Damascus where a big group of fighters was operating. Other districts were wiped out before.

But if in Damascus the army managed to get the city under control in the other parts of the country there still are fightings between the goverment forces and the armed opposition. The reports of the Syrian electronic mass media look like war reports.

«Large number of the terrorists were killed and the rest gave themselves up — that was the result of the operation in Hama (in the west of the country) — the state channel Suria is reporting urgent news. 20 minutes later there is a new report: the goverment forces in Mayadin (in the east of Syria) started fighting with the terrorists which had losses. 5 minutes later the channel is reporting another urgent piece of news: in El-Kureia in Deir-ee-Zor (in the east of Syria) a car with the terrorists and a machine gun was destroyed. And an urgent piece of news from the south of Damascus followed it: a group of terrorists tried to block the main motor road near Arbin. Reports about armed conflicts are coming from Homs, Idlib and Deraa.


Source: anti-global.ru

  How much does an armed attack cost? Why isn’t it frightening to kill? Revelations of the ex-fighter of «The Free Syrian Army» (SFA) in the interview to "Golos Rossii".

- What is your name, where are you from?
- My name is Yusef Naami, I was at war near Hama.

- How did it happen that you became a fighter of a Syrian irreconcilable opposition?
- Among young men I grew up with there was a sheikh Ayman Al-Khalid.  He talked to us, said that we should work for advantage of the Motherland, for the sake of belief that an important mission is granted for us, it consists in fighting  against the sinners who are in power and so on.  Now I understand that it was a specific brainwash. So as a result of these conversations we had an idea that it is necessary to do something. To declare loudly our disagreement, to go to meeting, to tell all people that we don’t need  such power , that the country should be rescued. We were sincerely thinking like that and we believed in that.

- how old are you?
- I’m 27

- You were at war, weren’t you?
- They didn’t mention weapon first. We’ve just visited meetings. Then we were told that they’ll give  us weapon and our task is to be at war against governmental soldiers.  They told that security forces kill our brothers and sisters with a permission of the authorities.  Therefore we should pay back them the with the same. Now I retell it in one minute to you, but all this proceeded  for a long time. Sheikh Ayman talked to us especially often.  To tell the truth, he told  not only about our duty to the country and the people.  We were promised that we’ll  make money at it and that they have money. Who’ll resist? So it turned out like this.

- Did they pay to you? Can you say how much did they pay?
- Sheikh Ayman acquainted us with some  person who promised 2 thousand liras per person  for every visit of meeting (slightly more than 30 dollars). Thus we should actively participate, shout slogans but not just stand in crowd. However, we didn't get 2000 liras. At most 500 (8 dollars).  Sometimes they  gave nothing at all and said that they’ll give afterwards. We didn’t like it. They promised one thing and did another. Then they said us that we’ll  get real money and much more money if  we will go to meetings with weapon and if we’ll fight to military and police. We agreed. We were brought to a training base where we were le
arned to handle the weapon.  After preparation we began to participate in skirmishes with army. That isn’t  all.  We kidnapped supporters of a regime as we were said. It  happened to kill too. There was some spirit in it. For all these we were promised from 5000 to 10000 liras (from 80 to 160 dollars). But in reality we got  1000 or 1500 liras or nothing at all.

- Yusef, you always say  “we”. Where did you personally participate?
- Murders were before my own eyes. Often I and my friends watched, while others rushed into houses and killed people there. Once I raped the woman in one house like this. Now I’m  ashamed  of  it. It is hard to remember. Then it seemed that I was beside myself. It was some fever. Now I think that it was because of drugs.

- Drugs?
- Yes. It is already difficult to remember, when it began. First we drank tea with some strong grass for a kind of cheerfulness. Then tablets. We were given different tablets before  actions to be calm, cheerful and fearless.  Really, you’d go and shoot up all the world after  taking this pills. Now I want to forget it.

- Why did you decide to give up.
- During one of operations my friend was caught. My phone number was in his mobile.  After a while some person called me. I don’t remember what was his name. He said that he was from a Union of a Syrian young people and he just wanted to talk.  He asked me questions like: “Why do you act like this? You are young and you are to build this country” and so forth. First I argued with him and disconnected. Though he continued calling and talked  politely. Gradually I began to  think about things he said.

Once we got in touch by phone and arranged a meeting not far from Hama. I went there alone and I was scared that someone will  find it out. I met guys from Union of a Syrian young people there and Mahomed ad-Deri,  a chairman. We talked for a long time, giving some questions or just talking. They told me that if I have friends among rebels, - I can help them. After that meeting I didn’t want to be a fighter any more. I came back to Hama and talked to some guys. We decided to leave together and to give up. I began to invent pretexts to miss operations. I told that I feel bad or that my mother is sick and I need to  visit her. We tried to avoid armed attacks.  After a while we managed to prepare and escape. We went to the Mkherbi area (near Hama).  Guys from “Union”   talked to us. Again they said that we were mistaken, but everything can be corrected.

We handed over the weapon. Mahomed ad-Deri  has personally applied for everyone  so that we were pardoned and were not  subjected to court. He guaranteed  our safety. The president told that everyone who didn't kill and didn't arrange acts of terrorism, will be pardoned in case of repentance and voluntary delivery of the weapon.  We handed over the weapon, and within 24 hours our names were struck off the register.

Today I feel like being born again. I receive medical treatment for drugs. Local authorities employed me as promised. Today I work  in the company which is engaged in water supply.  Some  of my friends managed to get normal job too.  Among those who  gave up with us there were people, on whose conscience are lives of people. Any way they were applied for and by the Union of the Syrian young people too. There were courts, but punishment was softened. Today I realize that I was mistaken.



 How Obama and the Company
are Going to Win in Syria before the Elections

The explosion organized in professional in the center of Damascus led to Minister's of Defense death and some members of the top brasses on July, 18. It caused hot discussion. There are two main topics of discussion. How far has the act of terror made worse the prospects of confrontation Bashar Assad’s government, as it's called «revolution»? Does USA play key role in these events, and What gains might Washington realize from it in the long term?

There is no doubt that the solution of “Syrian problem” before the presidential elections is not only important, but vital for Obama, his rating has matched with main rival Romny. Nonetheless majority (most of them) coincide that Washington can’t manage during the short period of time before the presidential race, because of the following:

1) Direct military intervention will face with a prepared and far from being weak Syrian army, it will cause unacceptable loss by assaulting force. And the fact that USA and NATO didn’t use the incident with hitting Turkish destroyer (fighter) is real argument.
2) Syrian people, even, who are dissatisfied with Assad, support their president, fearing of worse prospects of changing their country to Libya or Egypt. That is why the headquarters of Washington on “Syrian rebels” is hopeless, as «the rebels” without sincere (only because of fear) supporting of local citizens is remaining subversives. The neutralization of them is just a question of time.

I agree with both thesis, but let’s ask a question, what’s really for the USA victory over Syria, and proudly declare about it to American electors? If we think a bit, the answer is surprisingly simple. It’s enough to report the fact that Bashar Assad isn’t Syrian President anymore (die, disappear, gone away somewhere forever).

You ask me – how about the question of successor, whether he continue Assad’s policy, how about “no democracy” of Syria and its “blooding regime”? There are no such problems. All these problems are fake and spinned, but really it can be decided and uncritical for Obama’s image like “victor” of “dictator” Assad.

And now I’d like to express my own opinion on this situation if the enemy of Syrian will realize this plan.
The East distinguishes from other that it can be a good dealer, and can arrange. West economic sanctions against Syria seriously hit social living conditions and the standard of well-being of simple Syrian people. There are no Social riots only because people realize that victorious “revolutionaries” make their life worse. It’s better to pull in a belt or leave the country, than lost not only acquired goods, but their life, if somebody or new boss of country decide to call you “a supporter of Assad’s regime”.
Any new leader of Syria (even an alawi from Assad's circle will do) will be glad to cancel economic sanctions, which will give substantial authority at the beginning among people, as their social position will be better, in exchange for forgetting all offences against West.
What they can demand from him instead of it?
a) cut close relationship between Syria and Iran.
b) Include resource and transit performance capabilities of Syria to supply EU Iranian oil in the face of the embargo.
c) Make sure every reason to the West to declare about “democratic changes” in Syria.

“Non-democracy” of Syria.
The answer is simple. The same situation was in Iraq when they couldn’t find weapons of mass destruction. They can make excuses that didn’t understand Syrian democratic policy for the last year. Meanwhile, modestly keep silent about initiator.
The victims of “bloody regime”
This problem is also can be easily solved. As Bashar Assad is defeated,”the revolutionaries” who are under the control of West lay down arms through militaries of the chief and go to build new Syria (by previous agreement of concrete candidates with Assad’s successor). All of them forgive each other, and Assad is responsible for people who had been killed. Who don’t understand that they should lay down arms…Their life is going to be grievously, but West mass media won’t “feel sorry” for them.

Let’s sum up
1) Did the USA refuse the idea of overthrowing Assad? No, they did not, and the official utterances of secretary of state Hilary Clinton confirms this fact.
2) Will Assad leave himself?
3) Can Washington solve “Syrian question” by arms? It is incredibly, at least before elections.
4) Does Obama need victory over rebellious Syria before elections? Yes. As a result, there is more possibility that Obama could raise the question on special operation of Assad’s liquidation to American security forces, who is still under his control, until September – October. There are indirect indications, but they exist. About what is Washington worried in the first place, when
UN and other countries, including EU pay respects Syrian people and blame the act of terrorism?
American authorities don’t know where President of Syria is after act of terrorism in Damascus.
And Britain newspaper The Guardian hastened to report that Assad is wounded, his family is flotsam, Assad was removed on the plane in latakia, and his wife went to Russia.
So, in case of successful neutralization of Assad Obama wins in terms of politics, and EU wins in terms of economics. Moreover, the Syrian neighbors - Turkey and Israel win too. There'll be hell at the border with Syria.
What about Israel? At least, whole Syria is interested by “conservative” who is opposed to “Hawk” (from the article “Who will be Israel - fireman or homeless victim of a fire?).
The conclusions are obvious – Bashar Al – Assad, who proved himself as wise politic and leader, but brave man, should reinforce his personal safety. There are not only enemy, but there are local Allies, who might decide to reconcile with the West in return of Assad.
Source - etoruskiy.livejournal.com
29 July 2012 @ 05:48 pm

                                     The Story of an Eyewitness from Aleppo


Information about the current situation was sent from Aleppo. Of cause, it is not a General Staff report. It is what a real person sees right there.

Not everything is true here

 In Djamiliya there is no fighting, but some seats of tension exist though. In new Aleppo everything is quite.  Salahadin area is much smaller, almost two times. On the picture they combined two regions. It is more or less quite in the second region. There are no gunmen there. Seifetdoulya. After a heroic revolutionary night attack on the post office, the city was cleared off terrorist groups a couple of days ago.  

There are gunmen between Sikkari and Salyahdin.

In Bustan al-Qasr terrorists burned down the police station. Sahur, Hanano, Heydari are hot spots. Civilians left them three days ago.They did not touch gunmen for several days. Now, Syrian army came and the operation began. There are no details yet. Gunmen entered these areas from the east. There are many of them. They easily entered and settled in a residential area. After that, almost all civilians left the city. Only those, who simply have no place to go, have stayed. Of cause, there is a chaos in the city. There are problems with bread and some other products. It is almost quite in the western part of the city. The eastern part of the city is a poor and densely populated area. Nothing is working where gunmen are. It is even impossible to come out to buy food. There are many cases when gunmen simply enter the apartments and give residents half an hour to pack and leave. But in most of the cases gunmen behave decently with civilians in order to gain trust.

It is still not clear how gunmen have entered the city so easily. There are many open questions remain. But there was no defense. It is a fact. May be they did not even wonder gunmen could simply enter the residential area? In the Arab media, there is nothing said about humanitarian catastrophe in the city after gunmen entered. There is propaganda that people meet their liberators almost with flowers. It is a lie. People run from them like from the plague.